Collective Agreement





Collective Agreement
The York University Faculty Association
The Board of Governors of York University

1 May 2009 to 30 April 2012

Articles and Subsections

Tenure / Continuing Appointments & Promotion Documents

 Articles Selected Subsections


2 Recognition  
3 Non-discrimination Harassment
4 Dues Check-off  
5 Association/Employer Relations  
6 No Strikes/No Lock-outs  
7 Joint Committee on the Administration of the Agreement Task Force on Inclusivity & Diversity
Subcommittee on Tenure and Promotion
8 Information Salary Disclosure
9 Grievance and Arbitration  
10 Academic Freedom  
11 Professional Responsibilities Faculty Members
Misconduct in Academic Research
12 Appointments Categories Faculty
 ~ Affirmative Action
 ~ Special Renewable Contracts (SRCs)
13 Tenure and Promotion Faculty
14 Retirement General Conditions
Normal Retirement Date
Irrevocable Reduced Load
Retirement from the University
Senior Scholar/Emeritus
Special Conditions (Sabbaticals)
Retirement Planning Centre
"Continuing Members"
15 Dismissal for Cause  
16 Discipline  
17 Existing Practices University Governance
18 Terms and Conditions of Employment Employment Year
Payment of Salaries
Outside Professional Activities
Travel on University Business
Workload of Faculty Members
Workload of Librarians
Class Size
Length of Academic Year
Summer Teaching
Reduced Load
Restructuring and Redeployment
Working Environment
Office Space for Sabbaticants
Fines and Charges
Parking for Physically Challenged
Accommodation for Persons with Disabilities
Teaching Assistance
19 Leaves Short-term (month or less)
Long-term (more than a month)
 ~ Sickness
 ~ Pregnancy, Primary Caregiver, and Parental
Leave of Absence Without Pay
Sickness, Pregnancy, etc., during Sabbatical Leave
Educational Leave Fund
External Release Time Fellowships
Internal Support for Teaching & Research
Sabbatical Leave Fellowship
Teaching-Learning Development Fund
Release-time Teaching Fellowships
Research Development Fellowships
20 Sabbatical Leave Faculty
Conditions Applicable to All
 ~ Salary
21 Employment of Non-members  
22 Personnel Files  
23 Patents and Copyrights  
24 Lay-off for Reasons of Financial Necessity  
25 Compensation Salary Floors
Base Salary Adjustments
Progress-through-the-Ranks (PTR)
Promotion Increment
Professional Expense Reimbursement (PER)
Administrative Stipends
Additional Compensation
Pay Equity
26 Benefits Pensions
Group Life
Extended Health
Long-Term Disability Insurance
Guaranteed Housing Loan Plan
Tuition Waiver
Moving Expenses
27 Rights and Privileges of the Association Teaching or Research Relief for Service to the Association
28 Amalgamation, Consolidation, Merger or Expansion of the University  
29 Amendments to the York University Act  
30 Copies of the Agreement  
31 Correspondence  
32 Term of Agreement  
  1. Bargaining Unit Inclusions/Exclusions
  2. Lay-off for Reason of Financial Necessity
  3. Exceptions to the Agreement
  4. Long-Term Disability Insurance
  5. Pay Equity
  6. Retired Employees' Benefits Coverage
  7. Childcare
  8. Letter of Offer
  9. Librarians' Workload
  10. Misconduct in Academic Research
  11. Letter to Successful Candidates
  12. Research Development Fellowship Programme
  13. Merit Procedures
  14. Benefits Booklet
  15. Graduate Supervision
  16. Academic Administrative Positions
  17. Procedures for Dealing with Complaints of Harassment or Discrimination
  18. Joint Long Range Planning Subcommittee on Workload

Tenure / Continuing Appointments & Promotion Documents:

  Tenure and Promotions Policy, Criteria and Procedures
  1. Preamble
  2. The Description of Criteria for Tenure and Promotion
  3. Eligibility for Professorial Ranks and Tenure
  4. Appointments Leading to Tenure
  5. Sabbaticals and Leaves of Absence
  6. Procedures for Tenure and Promotion
  7. President
  8. Temporal Equity
  Alternate Stream Document
  1. Preamble
  2. Eligibility for Appointment to the Alternate Stream
  Procedures Governing Decisions on Advancement to Candidacy
  Criteria and Procedures for Promotion and Continuing Appointments of Professional Librarians
  1. Criteria

  2. Eligibility

  3. Progression of Ranks and Appointment Status

  4. Procedures for Promotion and Continuing Appointments

  5. Appeals

  6. Membership of the Promotion and Continuing Appointments Committee

2009-2012 Collective Agreement 

2009-2012 Collective Agreement 


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