Employer's Request for CV & Statement of Outside Professional Activities

16 Feb 12 - Dear YUFA Members,

Most of you have recently received from your Deans / Principal / University Librarian a letter asking you to submit an updated CV as per Article 22.07 and a separate "statement of outside professional activities" pursuant to Article 18.04.

This is a reminder that, although you are required to submit your C.V. to your Dean / Principal when asked, you are NOT required to submit it in electronic format or provide an executive summary. YUFA recommends that you submit it in hard copy only. Any use by the Employer of any part of your CV is subject to your agreement.

With respect to reporting outside professional activities, only activities of a substantial or continuing nature must be reported. You are not required to include any remuneration you may be receiving for outside professional activities.

For more useful information, see Employer's request for CV & statement of outside activities, originally posted in 2002.